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Welcome Squirrel Folio Club

Here you can learn everything you need to know about the project


The initiave of the project started with the following observation: currently to manage his wallet of cryptocurrency we have 2 main possibilities:
  • Connect to a site that manages the api of different exchanges (not all) and view on the site by grouping the info of exchanges via API.
  • Manage our purchases/sales via an excel file.
After testing both solutions, we came to the following conclusion:
  • The website that manages the wallet connection through API is not compatible with all exchanges. So we can't have our complete wallet. Often the subscription is not free to access the necessary features.
  • The Excel file is old school, a small error in encoding or manipulation of a formula will give incoherent results. The interface is not always very intuitive.
And neither of the two solutions manages the purchase of NFT!
That's why we decideed to make a completely integrated solution for your portfolio
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